Learn how to locate and land lucrative non-clinical positions. The focus is on jobs paying as much or more than clinical medicine - but which involve far less work and stress. We walk you through available jobs and how to find them, how to successfully transition, how to sell yourself, drafting an effective resume, networking and how to nail your job interview. You will leave the course with a customized action plan of how to find and land your first high-paying non-clinical job.

This is a special extended version (contains over two hours of additional content) of SEAK's highly popular live in person preconference. The material in this course is not covered in SEAK's annual Non-Clinical Careers for Physicians Conference. SEAK's annual Non-Clinical Careers For Physicians Conference features subject matter expert physicians from dozens of non-clinical fields, free 1-1 mentoring, a job fair with recruiters, and unprecedented networking opportunities with faculty, employers, and fellow atttendees.

At the completion of this program, you will be able to:

• Determine the non-clinical fields most likely to match your preferences, values, and skills.

• Understand the steps involved in a successful transition to a non-clinical career.

• Identify and persuasively articulate your strongest, most marketable skills.

• Draft a powerful resume which expresses your unique brand.

• Nail your job interviews.

• Build a constantly-expanding network - and have fun doing so.

• Form a personalized and effective action plan for your successful career transition.


  • Over 9 hours of fast-paced, on-demand, streaming instruction (1-year license);
  • A detailed 135 page PDF course manual;
  • A free copy of the book by Michael J. McLaughlin, MD: Do You Feel Like You Wasted all That Training?: Questions from Doctors Considering a Career Change (USA only);
  • bound hard copy of the course manual (USA only);
  • The ability to submit your questions to SEAK and have your questions answered in a private 15-20 minute phone/Zoom call; and
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Course Content:

Available Jobs and Where to Find Them

A review of the most popular financially and personally rewarding non-clinical fields available to physicians including: health insurance/IRO, physician advisor, Industry (pharma, device, and CRO), Administration, running your own business, consulting, communications/writing, disability insurance, life insurance, healthcare IT, and the Federal Government. Advice is provided on how to locate these jobs. Non traditional nonclinical jobs will also be emphasized.

Selling Yourself and Leveraging Your Medical Degree and Experience

You will learn specific techniques (with examples) on how to persuasively and confidently articulate how your skills, education, and experience as medical doctors should be characterized as talents that any employer would seek. Attendees are provided with an extensive set of “talking points” that they can use to help articulate their transferable skills and why an employer should hire them. Examples are provided.

The Truth About Non-Clinical Career Transition for Physicians

Dr. McLaughlin recounts his path from a practicing surgeon to a non-clinical executive, to becoming the owner of his own highly successful medical communications company. He will explain his successful methodology for career transition and offer frank comments about the process of transition, the time it takes, what sacrifices need to be made, and common issues physicians run into during transition. 

How You Can Transition and How Others Have Transitioned

You will learn the four step process for successful career transition. We also discuss flexibility from job descriptions, going back to school, building your resume, making yourself more attractive to employers, end running HR, demonstrating interest, mentoring, and how to identify potential employers.

How to Define Your Personal Brand and Express it on Your Resume

Dr. Armitage explains what a personal brand is and how a personal brand should be used to distinguish yourself from the competition. She presents a methodology for determining your personal brand and shows attendees how to best express that brand on your resume. Dr. Armitage will provide practical, proven suggestions for drafting a more attractive resume. Sample nonclinical physician resumes are provided.


Networking is the #1 most effective way for professionals to find and land jobs. The faculty discusses how to start networking, the process to utilize, getting people to talk to you and help you, the questions to ask during your contact, and the methods to use for follow-up. Most importantly, you will learn that networking should be fun, and that at its heart it is about helping people, not asking for help.

Excelling at Your Job Interview

Practical advice on how to prepare for an nail your job interview for a non clinical position and make the prospective employer love you. Included is research, anticipation, Q statements, and learning how to answer difficult interview questions. Numerous examples are provided.

Your Action Plan to Land Your First Non-Clinical Job

An action plan is a one-page document detailing how you are going to find your new job. Numerous sample action plans will be reviewed. You will then be encouraged to draft and follow your own action plan to help defeat inertia and get your career transition moving.

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Mandy Huggins Armitage, MD is a successful medical writer who has extensive experience with medical writing and content development in both freelance and employed positions. She most recently served as medical director for health tech start-ups HealthLoop and Doximity where she was also responsible for recruiting and hiring. Dr. Armitage currently serves as a professional resume writer and as a consultant for aspiring physician freelance writers (www.armitagemedicalwriting.com) and has been a faculty member for SEAK’s “How to Earn Money as Physician Writer” seminar for several years. Prior to transitioning to medical writing, Dr. Armitage practiced nonsurgical sports medicine. She received her MD from Indiana University School of Medicine and her BS in Biology from Purdue University.

Steven Babitsky, Esq. is a former trial lawyer who has trained thousands of physicians over the past 30 years. He has over 35 years of experience as a professional negotiator, has himself successfully made the switch from practicing law to a non-clinical career, and is an expert in networking, running a small business, medical-legal opportunities for physicians, responding to tough questions, persuasion skills, consulting, publishing, and turning ideas into money. He is the co-author of the book Non-Clinical Careers for Physicians. (www.nonclinicalcareers.com

James J. Mangraviti, Jr., Esq. is the co-founder and co-seminar leader of SEAK’s annual Non-Clinical Careers for Physicians Conference. He is the co-author of the book Non-Clinical Careers for Physicians (www.nonclinicalcareers.com) and the article The Biggest Mistakes Physicians Make When Transitioning to a Non-Clinical Career. Jim is a highly experienced presenter who has trained thousands of physicians on topics including expert witnessing, non-clinical careers, negotiating, writing, and how to supplement clinical income. He currently serves as a Principal of SEAK, Inc. an ACCME accredited continuing education, training, consulting, and publishing firm. In addition to his teaching and writing, Jim has mentored numerous physicians. He is a summa cum laude graduate of Boston College and a cum laude graduate of Boston College Law School.

Michael J. McLaughlin, MD is co-founder of Peloton Advantage, a medical communications company. He received degrees from Harvard College and Columbia University. After four years as a plastic surgeon and hand specialist, he networked through a career change into medical communications. Along the way, he also founded Physician Renaissance Network (PRNresource.com), a free resource for doctors with non-clinical careers and interests, and wrote the book Do You Feel Like You Wasted All That Training? He wrote the medical thriller, Extinction, and collaborated with Dr. N. Michael Caputo on the innovative and controversial story, The Satin Strangler Blogs

Sample Course Clips:

Non Clinical Job Opportunities for Physicians in Informatics and Healthcare IT

The First Phase of Non-Clinical Career Transition for Physicians - Introspection

Resume Building Techniques for Physicians to Land a Non-clinical Position

How a Physician Can Excel at an Interview for a Non-Clinical Job

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“Excellent, all physicians should attend even if they plan to stay in clinical medicine”

“Excellent, highly effective”

“I appreciate specific, detailed advice. Pros and cons, do’s and don’ts, specific website/articles/books to refer to.”

“I was very impressed with the content and felt like it helped focus things more for myself”

“Excellent suggestions”

“Excellent, encouraging”

“Fantastic, I left with a new focus of what I’d like to do”

“Fantastic. Great information.”

“Found and targeted exactly what it state it would”

“Good for physicians who may not know where to start for transitioning out of clinical medicine”

“Good overview of what options are out there”

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“Great information, especially the emphasis in changing how to think differently as a business person vs. physician”

“Great instruction and inspiration on how to get started”

“Great topics and resources”

“Great! Lots of value and wisdom from personal stories”

“I found it very engaging and helpful, faculty very helpful”

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“It was a good use of my time and a good entry way to a possible career change”

“It was excellent”

“Life altering”

“No-nonsense, practical and useful information”

“Outstanding – insightful to understand future options”

“The presenters really knew what needed to be done for physicians to enter non-clinical careers and want us to succeed in finding the best job; the one at which we will be the most successful”

“The seminar was excellent and exceeded my expectations”

“Useful and relevant”

“Useful, I know even less than I thought”

“Very eye opening. I need to do some work”

“Very helpful and met my expectations. I am already working non-clinically but need some guidance to get a job”

“Very informative”

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“Very well done”

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“Great overview of several skills, roadmaps and pitfalls.”

“Great overview, just enough information to be helpful but not overwhelming.”

“Helpful new approach to changing jobs.”

“I found it very well organized overall. With a lot of great information.”

“I think it was terrific, it covered a lot of good information that was useful.”

“I was able to outline an action plan with a focused goal.”

“It was interesting, eye opening, and made me think about what I truly want and what I can do.”

“Truly one of the best!”

“Useful and eye-opening information.”

“Very good! Much Specific information to apply in all job categories.”

“Very helpful and full of interesting content.”

“Well done, learned far more than I was expecting.”

“Well organized, wealth of information.”

“Excellent presentation, inspiring and thought-provoking day, most useful day for me for the whole seminar.”

“Excellent – it provided some sound advice to starting my transition to non-clinical work”

“Excellent, exceeded my expectations”

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“Very good – dynamic speakers relevant information”

“Very informative to begin process”

“Very well done”

“Well organized and time managed”

“Useful and helpful”

“Excellent. Well organized”

“There was a lot of useful information presented to get us going on the way to an alternate career”

“Excellent- a bit overwhelming, but in a very positive way”

“Very thoughtful, optimistic”


“Wonderful, stimulating, useful”

“I thought this was an excellent first step in my decision to leave clinical medicine

“Very informative”

“Excellent, I should have come years ago”

“Well organized”


“The seminar was inspiring and is a very good starting point to show me how to make my goals more concrete. I fee encouraged that I can make a transition”

“Excellent and informative”

“Excellent- I’m blown away”

“Excellent practical information”

“Excellent subject matter, good overview”

“Generally excellent”


“Very informative, casual and unintimidating, great collection of resources and perspectives”

“Good general overview of how to transition to a non-clinical job”

“Excellent overview of options”

“Well organized, met expectations”

“The many areas in non-clinical work that I did not know existed”

“It provided me with the motivation needed to get started”

“Very good info to the transition process”

“Very useful for where I am in my journey”

“Excellent, well worth my time/money”

“Great overview with appropriate detail”

“A good starting point”

“Necessary for someone considering getting gout of clinical career”

“Great information and encouraging”

“Excellent, informative, and concrete steps”

“Eye opening”

“Excellent! Gave very useful information and start the transition”

“Very helpful for physicians who are unfamiliar with the job hunting process outside of medicine”

“Extremely useful. The concept of a career change can be so daunting, but SEAK makes it a realistic dream”

“Fantastic, enlightening I feel like I am ahead of the game and more aware of my potential outside medicine”

“Most of us still believe medicine is a noble profession not a job and we don’t mind being inconvenienced for the sake of patient care (more about running away from clinical practice rather than toward a new endeavor)”

“It was very good. It gave me a lot to think about”

“Helpful and introduced info I didn’t know”

“Very helpful and put together well”

“Excellent, I wish I learn attending it a long time ago.”

“Well organized, comprehensive”

“This was good for those “with a major” there was not enough at direction for me.”

“Very helpful in promoting a serious commitment to making a change”

“Helpful. Seminar has opened my eyes to the possibilities”

“Very good. I am actually very charged now”

“Great perspective and eye opening”

“Very helpful in setting the stage for possible transition”

“Very helpful. As physicians we generally have no experience in this subject and this is a much needed subject”

“Excellent and better at holding my attention than I expected”

“Very good with practical insights and the do’s and don’ts of how to begin the process”

“Help me to more correctly understand what steps I need to do to make change”

“Very informative, extremely helpful in my decision to seek a non-clinical job"

“Very thought provoking with very specific advice on how to streamline the transition process”

“Very well presented with specific, practical approaches to facilitate success”

“Well organized. Helpful in motivating and organizing my thoughts”

“Well worth the time and financial investment”

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