SEAK’s highly-acclaimed introductory videos on testifying as an expert witness. We cover depositions, direct examination, cross examination, and trick and difficult questions. Presented by Steven Babitsky, Esq, and James J. Mangraviti Jr., Esq,


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The Expert Deposition

This video training program concisely explains what to do and what not to do during all phases of the deposition process — scheduling, preparation, dealing with documents and subpoenas, answering counsel’s questions, avoiding abuse, and collecting your fee. This introductory-level video training program demonstrates by example and includes over 40 examples of question and answer exchanges. Each example illustrates one or more points made during the video. 53 Minutes. (There are separate videos for medical and non-medical experts.)

Winning Over the Jury: Techniques for Experts That Work

SEAK’s introductory level instructional video covering direct examination techniques. Direct examination for expert witnesses is typically much harder to deliver at a high level than cross examination. This video contains dozens of proven and advanced techniques which show experts how to connect with and win over the jury. We teach by example and provide over seventy-five examples which clearly demonstrate what to do and what not to do in front of a jury. 65 Minutes

Cross-Examination: How to Be an Effective and Ethical Expert Witness

This introductory-level instructional video teaches you how to give mistake-free cross-examination testimony. SEAK demonstrates by example and we provide over 50 lively cross-examination exchanges between lawyer and expert witness. Each example features one or more points made during the video. 59 Minutes

The Most Difficult Questions for Experts: With Answers

This introductory level video program reveals the 50 most challenging trick and difficult questions an expert may face during cross-examination. Attorney Jim Mangraviti explains the tactical reasons a cross-examiner may ask each question. We demonstrate how to provide truthful, artful answers which will prevent the cross-examiner from unfairly twisting your testimony and misleading the jury. 47 Minutes

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