Physicians who are financially successful and have the most favorable working conditions typically have one trait in common - they are good negotiators. Physicians who struggle with their working conditions and compensation tend to be poor negotiators. Negotiating Skills for Physicians has been specifically designed to you a markedly better negotiator. You will learn dozens of practical and easy to implement techniques to get better results when negotiating. Taught by physician negotiating thought leader Attorney Steve Babitsky in his signature fast paced and entertaining "Brooklyn" fashion. Includes numerous examples and case studies

6+ Hours of On Demand Streaming Instruction (1 year license) + 85 Page Written Manual (including free bound hard copy mailed to learners in the USA)


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An opening negotiation exercise will demonstrate the importance of negotiating skills. The faculty explains why physicians don’t negotiate, demonstrate the enormous sums physicians negotiate for and give an example of a $12,000 an hour negotiation.

Competitive vs. Cooperative Negotiations

You will learn how to differentiate between competitive and cooperative negotiations, and most importantly, how to transform a competitive negotiation into a cooperative negotiation.

Asking and Answering Questions

You will learn the crucial skills associated with asking and answering powerful questions including asking questions early and in writing, asking open ended questions, phrasing questions correctly and how to tactfully avoid directly answering a question.

Needs, Interests, and Desires

You will learn how to find out an opponent’s X factor and turn a potential adversary into an ally.


You will learn how to use deadlines effectively and use accelerated deadlines.

Power and How to Develop It

You will learn the all-important skills for how to develop and use power/leverage in a negotiation. Included will be an explanation of how to capitalize on your opponent’s verbal leaks, developing a “BATNA,” and using your opponents “investment” against him.

Negotiating Employment Terms, Conditions and Contracts

You will learn specific techniques for negotiating employment terms, conditions and contracts and will practice these techniques with a detailed negotiation exercise.

Preparation and Aspiration Levels

You will learn how to reduce your opponent’s aspiration levels, how to make sure you do not sell themselves short, and how to go about information gathering prior to a negotiation.

Silence is Golden

You will learn why loose lips sink ships and how to use silence as an effective negotiating tactic.


You will learn how and when to make concessions and how to get the most for every concession made.


You will learn how to use the fear of deadlock to your advantage.

Negotiating Business Deals

You will learn how to be proficient at negotiating business deals with other businesspersons, vendors and partners.

Negotiation Tactics & Defenses

You will learn how to employ and defend against common negotiating tactics and strategies such as split the difference, take it or leave it, ballpark price, uniqueness, brinksmanship, word games, anchoring, limited authority, belly up, limited time offer, you have to do better than that, etc.


Steven Babitsky, Esq., is a former trial lawyer who has over 35 years of experience as a professional negotiator. Steve is the co-author of the best-selling books The Successful Physician Negotiator: How To Get What You Deserve, The Physician’s Comprehensive Guide to Negotiating as well as Never Lose Again: Become a Top Negotiator by Asking the Right Questions and numerous other publications. He is a lively and entertaining trainer who has trained thousands of physicians over the past 30 years. He has negotiated hundreds of deals and acts as a negotiation consultant. Steve was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY.


"I recently bought and watched your physician negotiating DVDs. I just wanted to tell you they have been a great help. Simply asking the question of what they want and how I could help them was a great source of insight into how to make a productive and collaborative agreement. I look forward to more of your classes."

"I was able to successfully negotiate a contract using skills from the Negotiation video.  Thank you for these life skills which I wish I had learned long ago."

"The video was extremely effective. Steve, you really breathe life into the negotiating points."

"I'm putting your negotiation skills DVD to work in closing negotiations between my practice and a hospital system. The DVD's are great (already paid it off on a playset for the kids)."

"Great speaker and educator! Holds audience for the ENTIRE time-very unusual" 

"Informative and helpful, well met my objectives" 

"Steve is a world-class character" 

"Very informative" 

"Great job! Very dynamic, appreciate benefiting from his personal experience" 

"Very good program" 


Sample Course Clips:

Negotiating One Day Off Per Week

Questions and Power

Authority and Knowing Who You Are Negotiating With


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