How to Perform an Excellent Independent Medical Evaluation

This 45 minute, concise, introductory video course describes a three-step process that will bring you more IMEs and improve the quality of your practice. The video covers the basics your clients are looking for in an IME, provides guidance for writing an effective IME report, and shows you how to arrive at valid conclusions that will hold up in court. You'll learn directly from an expert, Dr. Chris Brigham, how to perform the most effective IME possible and prepare an outstanding report. 

***30 Day Money Back Guarantee*** 

You will learn:

-What clients are looking for in an IME

-How to write an effective IME report

-How to provide valid conclusions that hold up in court

-How to deal effectively with common IME issues:

  • Diagnosis
  • Causation
  • Exaggerated Behaviors
  • Use of Distraction Tests
  • Appropriateness of Care
  • Non-Cooperative Examinees
  • Maximum Medical Improvement
  • Permanent Impairment Evaluation

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Techniques to Detect Symptom Magnification

Start Streaming "How to Perform an Excellent IME" Now:

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